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“And the award goes to…”

I’m starting to get sensible. Heaven forbid. My newfound sensibility meant that I went to sleep at a decent hour last night rather than staying up to watch the 1st Annual Indie Soap Awards. So it’s not the Oscars, or even the MTV Awards, but I’m not invested in the nominees for those awards as much as I am in the Indie Soaps.

I’m not quite so sensible that I hadn’t asked a friend of mine who was in the right timezone to try wake me at 2am. Nor am I that sensible that I didn’t wake up around 2.20am and then again at around 5am with the obvious need to tweet my congratulations because yes…ANYONE BUT ME WON!!!

Of the ten that they were nominated for they walked away with four awards. I know that people who are nominated for awards are very much, ‘It’s an honour just to be nominated…’ and I know that the mere act of someone acknowledging your work is an amazing feeling, but thankfully I’m a fan so you know I can cheer as loudly and unapologetically as I like!

Firstly, hats off to Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward for winning Best Writing and Best Storyline. The screenplay awards are always the ones that I pay attention to during awards season. I know that film and tv are visual mediums but without the basis of a great story then all the visuals in the world aren’t going to do you any good. I love the writing on this show. That’s not a secret. That they can deliver a story that completely engulfs you in those moments that it’s on your screen is testament to how excellent the writing is. Truly thrilled that they won this over all the other ones they were nominated for.

Again, it’s no secret that I believe the ABM cast to be amongst the most ridiculously talented concentration of people in any one place. I’m not the only one because Jessy Hodges, Nicole Pacent, Josh Holland, and Rachael Hip-Flores were all nominated for awards, as well as a nomination for the entire cast. Now, unfortunately they missed out on the ensemble award and Jessy Hodges and Nicole Pacent also lost out in their categories, but then Laura Linney’s been nominated three times for an Oscar and still no gold statue on her mantlepiece so you know, sometimes it takes time. I am sure there are many awards in the future of this great group.

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