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Voluntarily Gone

Exactly a year ago today I was preparing for that tomorrow I’d waited a lifetime for. In many ways I can’t believe a year has passed. At other times it feels it’s been a lot longer, so much has changed since I have been back, and I suppose a lot has stayed the same. Such is the nature of all things. When I think of the changes I have made it does feel like a lifetime ago, but ever since I started this evolution that’s how so much of this life feels.

Cambodia was that moment I had always put off, until it came to the point when I didn’t want a tomorrow anymore where I thought, ‘If I’d only done it when…’ That’s where I was headed, and in that year I had already made so many choices that I did not want that to be my path. So I finally did something about it and I booked my ticket and I didn’t look back.

I still find myself unable to talk about it and feel as though I have said enough. All I know is that it changed me, the way I knew it would. Perhaps that’s why I waited until I was ready to be different to make the trip. Thankfully though I had the sense to write my thoughts down at the time. I had intended on editing them, adding pictures, making them into more of a journal. So much time has gone and my memories are over full. So I’ve left the second week as it was when it was written, its raw format. Scattered thoughts I had to write down because I knew I’d forget otherwise.

I haven’t read these words in so long. I haven’t even looked at the pictures. Finally uploaded so others can have the smallest of glimpses into a moment in my life when so many things fell into place. Where I first felt my peace.


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