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The Puppy

I thought that perhaps if you love something then you shouldn’t need to walk away from it, until a friend told me about the puppy. Imagine you love it so much that you squeeze and squeeze this little pup. Eventually you smother it and what do you have? A dead pup and one heck of a guilt trip. Okay, so she didn’t go that far but that’s where my mind went. Instead she said you have to give the puppy a chance to breathe and give your arms a rest. Sometimes it’s okay to let go for a while.

For some time now I’ve been thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day. With everything I want to do the only place I can see myself making any cuts is in my sleeping hours, and I don’t get that many of those. On my lazy days I am sat reading some book or another to help me improve on all the other things I have going on. I no longer enjoy the bus ride home because I walk in order to get some exercise on the days I’m not training and because I might come across an image for my Project 365. In the morning, when I’m not falling asleep, my journey is spent writing e-mails arranging more things to fill my time. I have to keep every tab open until I’ve done what I needed to do because my mind is so easily distracted by another task I have to do. It feels like my mind doesn’t have an off switch. My life is so very full. But I am falling out of love with certain aspects of my life.

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Empty Frame

I wrote ‘Empty Frame’ 5yrs ago. I’m not sure what made me go back to visit it now, I tend to put things on paper and leave them be. The need for the thoughts to be anywhere but my head more pressing than anything else. I’d even forgotten how it ends. Reading it now I suppose something in me knew that eventually it would get to that point. I’m not sure the ending rings true to the story being told as much as it fits the story behind it, but at the time it was written I can remember why I ended it that way.

It was my first and pretty much only attempt at writing a screenplay. I have thought about writing another, but rather than rushing through the process and producing something mediocre I join that league of writers with unfinished masterpieces – so described because until they are finally complete they always have that potential for greatness, and in turn so do their authors. That’s possibly why so many things remain unfinished.

This though, this is finished. By no means a masterpiece. It’s not my best, and not my worst. It is rough around the edges and there are more than a few mistakes, not simply in its presentation but also in its pace, structure, characterisation, dialogue…pretty much everything. It is something I am glad I finished. I think I am finally finished with this.

Empty Frame…

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