I Am

I am my dad’s listening ear when things are on his mind, his partner in bagging the groceries when we do the shopping, the one whom he tries to teach what he has learnt. I am my mum’s helping hand when she can’t reach things in the kitchen, the one who tells her what’s happening even though it’s her show she’s watching, her last hug at night. I am my sister’s late night conversation, the understanding when her words make no sense, the other side to her coin. I am my nieces and nephew’s biggest fan, the one who smiles at their madness.

I am a shoulder when my friends need someone to lean on. I am the arm that will always link theirs as we walk down the street. I am the one on whom they can rely. I am Galactus to my best friend’s Apocalypse. I am godparent to their child. I am the answer to the random question they can’t remember. I am at the other end of their 4am phonecall. I am their hug until they need me to let go. I am the smile that has travelled over oceans to be across the table.

I am a solitary walk through a city inhabited by millions. I am the restless feet of a person eager to see the world. I am the person behind the camera committing memories to a form she hopes will not fade. I am the nerd sitting on the wall reading their comic book not caring what those who peer over her shoulder think. I am the foot tapping to the beat of a dozen musicals.

I am the words on a page when my voice cannot find them. I am the one who chose to let go of drama, and who eventually walked away from trouble. I am the one who finally realised their worth in the moment they would never have dreamed they deserved. I am the promise that will always be kept.

I am me. It’s that simple, and that complicated.