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Why does Sheldon wear a t-shirt with the number 73?

Lani: Gems, I’m watching Big Bang Theory – Sheldon has a tee with the number 73 or is it 72 – I’ve forgotten already. Is it comic related?
Gem Gem: It’s a Sheldon thing lol.
Lani: Hahahah.
Gem Gem: “The best number is 73. Why? 73 is the 21st prime number. Its mirror (37) is the 12th and its mirror (21) is the product of multiplying, hang onto your hats, 7 and 3…In binary 73 is a palindrome 1001001 which backwards is 1001001.” Leonard says 73 is the Chuck Norris of numbers lol.
Lani: Ahhh ok. Thanks for looking that up.
Gem Gem‎​‎​‎​‎: Who said I looked it up…? 😉

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October 22, 2011 · 2:57 pm

How do you make children born in the 80s jump with glee?

Answer: You post a picture of the Princess Bride cast reunion featuring a R.O.U.S!!!

Bonus Question: Where is Fred Savage?

Unfortunately he was unavailable for the photo shoot. I want to know where Mel Smith is, surely the albino from the Pit of Despair deserved a look in!

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What is it like to be in the audience when Idina Menzel is performing?

If you had asked me before tonight what it was like to sit in the audience whilst Idina Menzel performed on stage I could have told you. I have been fortunate enough to sit through 3 ½ performances of Idina in Wicked and one performance of Chess. The half being the performance where she unfortunately took ill before she could sing Defying Gravity. One of the other three being her last ever performance as Elphaba. I already knew before tonight exactly how much talent resided in that person. However, if you had asked me what it was like to sit in the audience whilst Idina Menzel performed solo with a 60 piece orchestra conducted by the one and only Marvin Hamlisch, well that, that I could only tell you after tonight. Yes, if you asked me that I would answer you by saying it is like listening to perfection.

There is no one whose voice I rate higher than Idina Menzel’s. The first time you hear her live your heart literally beats quieter so as not to distract you from the sound of her voice. Every part of you pays attention to the notes she is so effortlessly singing and you are lost in the story of the lyrics. I have seen people cry when she has sung ‘I’m Not that Girl’ and there is nothing more empowering than hearing her sing ‘Defying Gravity’. These songs have become her signature, but there is nothing – even Lady Gaga’s ‘Pokerface’, that she cannot sing. She manages to bring a smile to your face even when she is singing about her “love glue gunning.” Don’t get me started about when she starts to do the rap she and her husband do for their two-year old son whilst he’s popping. It is adorable.

Idina connects with her audience and you can tell that she feels truly blesses to be able to do something she loves so much for a living. Her anecdotes before and after, and sometimes during each song endear her to her audience and even in a venue as grand as the Royal Albert Hall she can make her concert feel intimate. You are encouraged to laugh with her as you share her stories of her run ins with British immigration and you try not to laugh too hard at her Dick Van Dyke-esque English accent.

She is a performer of immense talent. When you know that she is going to be on stage in a place you can be you would be foolish not to take that opportunity. My one regret is that she did not sing the version of ‘I’ll Cover You’ that I have only heard on YouTube videos. The hope that I will get to hear that one day, and the knowledge that even if I don’t I will never be disappointed, is sure to ensure that I will be in an audience again when Idina Menzel is on the stage.


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What is a Sachertorte?

For fans of the Great British Bake Off I am sure that I was not alone when the technical challenge was announced in saying, “What’s a Sachertorte?” In fact, I know I was not alone because two of the bakers, Jo and Holly, weren’t even sure what a Sachertorte was, with only Maryanne saying she had seen a picture of one once. So, in the absence of the usual history lesson that we’ve come to enjoy whilst the bakers bake here is a quick lesson on what a Sachertorte is.

The Sachertorte, invented by Franz Sacher (since most people like to name things after themselves), is a chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam on the top and covered in a dark chocolate icing or ganache on the sides and top. It is finished by the word ‘Sacher’ being written on the top in milk chocolate, just in case you thought it was another kind of torte.

For those wanting a slice, the original Sachertorte is only available from Vienna or Salzburg, and is on sale exclusively at the Hotel Sacher, Cafe Sacher, and Sacher Shop (I’m sensing a theme here). It is also available in the Duty Free area of Vienna Airport and on the Hotel Sacher’s website. The hotel’s recipe is a closely guarded secret, and it is rumoured that the icing contains three different kinds of chocolate.

I know that for some there is no such thing as too much chocolate so I imagine this would be ideal. However, if you are unable to make it to Vienna then Mary Berry’s very own Sachertorte recipe can be found on the BBC’s food pages:

Tell me how to make the chocolate goodness!

Bonus Question: Where can I get a millefeuille?

If you are looking for a millefeuille that tastes like a little piece of heaven then the only place to go is Ladurée.  What you want to order is the praline millefeuille. I don’t care if you’re not a praline fan, that is what you want to order. You will not be disappointed. Trust me.

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Is Gillian Anderson British?

Ever since Gillian Anderson stopped being Agent Dana Scully on the X-Files she has started to be very British. I think the first time I noticed it was in ‘The Last King of Scotland’, but then I just thought it was another American doing the accent; an accent good enough for me to look at my best mate and ask, ‘Is she British?’ Everything I have seen her in since she stopped chasing aliens I ask myself that question again. Her British accent is impeccable, but there is something about her American accent that makes me think that isn’t the one she’s faking.

 There are several British exports that have successfully fooled the American audience into thinking they are one of theirs, I remember the look of horror and fervent denial when I revealed that Hugh Laurie is one of ours to some of my American friends. Yes, House MD is a Brit. He is an Oxford born, Eton and Cambridge educated Brit at that. You need to only look up clips of Jeeves and Wooster to see how very British he is, and have they not realised House looks very much like that chap from all of those Blackadder series?

They’re not the only ones who are fooled though. There are Brits in existence who believe that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of ours having heard her accent in ‘Sliding Doors’ and ‘Emma’. Whilst she may have married a Brit and though we appear to have thoroughly adopted her now, she is still an American. Confusion over accents abounds on both sides of the Atlantic.

What further complicates the Gillian Anderson issue is her tendency to switch accents depending on where the interview is taking place. She is not the only one to do this though, Christian Bale has fooled many into thinking he is American because he adopts an American accent during stateside interviews. Have no doubt, Batman is a Brit.

I have had Tweets sent to me all morning about whether or not she is British, with opinion firmly divided. So, once and for all, is Gillian Anderson British?

Simply, no. She was born in Chicago, Illinois but moved around as a child. She lived in Puerto Rico for over a year shortly after she was born, and then (here’s where the British accent comes from), she lived in London whilst her father attended the London Film School. When she was 11 years old her family moved to Michigan. Although I don’t know many Americans who don’t love the accent now, children can often be cruel (here’s where the American accent comes from) and she felt out of place so adopted a suitably American Midwest accent.

There we go. Born an American, raised a Londoner; a successful hybrid of the two. As the lady herself said, “I always felt I wasn’t completely American and I wasn’t completely British: there was a feeling of having my feet in both places.”

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October 3, 2011 · 10:22 pm

Note to self: Be more careful getting out of bed.

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October 3, 2011 · 7:44 pm