Project365 – Words

A few years ago someone, who in later years would become absolutely necessary to me, asked for a gift of 100 images. No other instructions given, just 100 images. At the end I had two very important things, a person who I had known in a previous lifetime back in my life, and also my eyes were open again. In capturing 100 images I was reminded to stop and take a look at the world. I was reminded what it is to see. Those 100 images remain one of my most favourite gifts.

I have followed some very talented people as they completed their 365 day projects, and had little intention of starting one myself, but then I was reminded of the gift. I realised that it has been a long time since I have taken the time to pause and look at the world. Last year I think I spent a lot of time in the noise of life that I lost some of the enjoyment I found in the simple things. I want that back.

Projects are always fun but you need a challenge. I remember one particular trip to NY, I think my second, I was given a list of things I had to take a photo of – including a fire hydrant and a smoking grate. On another of my American Adventures I decided to wear a different t-shirt every day for three weeks, that one wasn’t easy on the luggage. So when I decided to undertake this project I knew I needed a theme. At first I thought of journeys. Many photo-worthy things happen on my bus journeys and I am on autopilot too many times and this would hopefully snap me out of that. However, it would mean leaving home every day and I know that on some days that just isn’t happening. Then I realised that there really was only one theme I could choose, words.

As someone who plays, semi-professionally, at this writing game, words are very important to me. I have always loved them. Everything about them, from their origin to the way the letters are formed by different people’s hands. 365 days. 365 photos. 365 words. None the same. That is the project, that is the challenge I have set myself. I started properly today, and I already felt myself opening my eyes a little wider. Taking in everything the world had to show me, looking for those words I wanted to capture. I am on my way to achieving what I hope to by choosing to do this project: I am seeing the world again.

Please visit a year of my world in words in photos: Project365 – Words

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