Old Demons

I can’t help but think of you these last few days. Every thing you ever said was wrong with me, they see it too. Only it’s no longer an issue. Where you told me that I never let you into my life, they say that too. But then I open the door. When you said that you didn’t know who I am, they say that too. Yet I find myself answering their questions. When you would tell me that I needed to do something more with myself, they say that too. I know that it is because they think I can be more and not because they need me to be.

All that time you spent, I told you I listened. I heard everything you said, if only you hadn’t been bashing me over the head with who I am at the same time, you might have noticed. I was who you wanted me to be. If you hadn’t pushed me to the point where I had to push you away, if you had shown me in any small way you wanted me in your life, if you had only believed in me the way I did in you.

…I might still be yours.

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