Breaking my heart in more ways than one…

It feels like a lot of time has passed since I first wrote of my love for ‘Anyone But Me.’ This week, S2 finished and it left me and every other ABM fan around the world screaming probably two things: “OMG you can’t just end it there!” and of course, “When’s S3?!?!” I’m sure there were a lot of other things screamed too, mostly aimed at the devils incarnate (aka the writers) – Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward. Along with the screaming I am sure a few things were thrown and a few monitors destroyed. I’m a pro at this now, I know to remove all potentially dangerous objects from arm’s reach when watching ABM. I’ve taken to warning other people too. That such strong emotions can come from a show where most people’s only complaint (if you can call it that) is that the eps are too short only testifies to how outstandingly brilliant this show is. I find myself running out of superlatives to describe the show, its cast, and yes *groan* (because I still kind of hate them) its writers and director.

Everyone has an opinion on the S2 finale ‘Curtain’s Up‘. Some of us even took to voicing them when Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward very bravely decided to do a call-in show so soon after the finale had aired. If people had started to choose sides after Vivian’s faux-pas in ep8 the battle lines have very clearly been drawn now. Team Vivian. Team Aster. Or for those more hopeful that those two don’t stand in opposition to each other we have the Team VivSter supporters and yes as much as I shake my head as I write this, there are even Team Sophie and, even more disturbingly, Team Sophian supporters. This battle is going to be more epic than the whole Team Jolie/Team Aniston campaign of years gone by. T-shirts will be assigned accordingly.

As much as I love Vivian, and I do love her so very much, I am of course a Team VivSter supporter first and foremost, but if you asked me to pick a side I’m going to have to go Team Aster on this one. Vivian knows Aster, this season she has been making monumentally stupid mistakes with Aster in regard to anything Sophie related. I’m all for honesty, but Vivian needs to go away this summer and learn to think before she opens her mouth. Big time. As much as Aster acted completely irrationally in the finale this is what we’ve come to expect of Aster. If we know that she is impulsive and prone to strong emotions then Vivian for sure should know this. If you are by some horrible twist of fate caught in a kiss with your girlfriend stood watching you then you DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, linger in that kiss – especially when it’s with a girl you’ve admitted to having a crush on. You certainly do not put your arm around her and keep going! Vivian! No! No! No! I still can’t dwell on it too much for fear I might hurt some poor unsuspecting soul who happens to be in my vicinity.

Of course, the drama didn’t only come for my favourite duo. My other favourite ABM guy, Archibald, is also left at a bit of a loss. Mistaking the prescription drugs his lady-love, Elisabeth, is taking to be something more sinister he’s walked out and left her in total confusion. It took a lot – including still one of the most adorable scenes in which Elisabeth almost knocks herself out by walking into his locker door as well as an Aster-esque surprise trip to the city, for these two to get together. I can only hope that rather than write her off completely Archibald gives her the chance to explain exactly what’s going on. However, no one likes to be thought of a drugtaker so I’m sure that conversation isn’t going to go down very well for all parties involved.

This summer they promise not to leave us all hanging in ABM-limbo. I know that last year we got little titbits of info in the lead-up to S2 with many celebs, including Geek God Zachary Quinto, voicing what many fans already knew: ABM is an addiction that everyone should have. So I, along with everyone else, can only wait in eager anticipation for what that dastardly duo of Miller/Ward have in-store for us poor unsuspecting fans. I will, however, provide this warning – do not trust them to do anything but deliver absolute magnificence. By this I mean, they will deliberately try to bamboozle you into believing certain things are going to happen – remember the whole ‘Vivian gets to be happy‘ illusion, does she look happy in the picture to you? They will even go so far as to lie to your face without a blink of an eye. However, whatever it is they do, whatever trick it is they pull, whatever web of deceit they weave, it will ultimately be worth it. They can’t help themselves, they’re amazingly adept in breaking our hearts in a way that makes us come back begging for more. Like so many others, I no longer have the choice but to go on whatever ride they decide to take us and the characters and just hold on tightly and pray to God I survive!

There’ll be announcements made around S3 in the very near future I believe. For those of you who still need a regular fix of ABM then you can spend the summer re-watching the eps or even better, purchase the S1 DVD and watch it on the big screen. As much as they have broken my heart, I want to say thank you to Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, as well as the complete cast and crew of ABM, for giving us all such a wonderful season. So much has happened for them – including Rachael Hip-Flores’ well deserved Streamy Award, and I can only imagine greater things in their future. I can honestly say, my life is all the better for having this show and these people in my life.

For the last time this season, here’s the Twitter-tary. Have at it…Ep 2.10 ‘Curtain’s Up

Comic book!!! A black dude and a lesbian teaming up to save the world! FTW 🙂

Hmm…Sophie. Yes Vivian, coming out was the right thing to do back when ASTER told you to do it!

Aww Archibald!!! I miss @joshuajholland when he’s not around.

Shake the phone tree! You never know who’ll come to your rescue.

Now that @HipFlor has a new phone I wonder if Viv gets an upgrade too. Hilarity would most certainly ensue. That’s a whole ep on its own.

“What would I do without you?” “No chance you’ll ever need to know.” Uh oh. Is that the equivalent to, ‘I’ll be right back’ in horror movies?

Wow. Aster. If she walked through the halls looking like that when I was in school no way I would’ve gotten anything done.

“And I ask where did she come from?” The answer to that Sterns would be the place where are dreams are made of.

“She is truly fine.” Understatement of the year perhaps?

I’ll say this for Sterns, he doesn’t give up easily. He’s certainly taking it well. Poor poor boy. Not a chance mate lol.

Oh Elisabeth you really need to learn to chill out.

Um I wouldn’t do that. Oh boy, Archie is not a fan of the drug taking. Aww he looks so disappointed.

Ahh…prozac. Okay I get it, someone needs to tell Archie.

No Aster you had it right first time, Viv is so damn cute.

VivSter! I love every time you are on the screen together. So unbelievably adorable.

I wanna see a pic of Baby Glass!

LMFAO Aster has my phone! I have a blackberry in the exact same case!!!

Aww yes! Baby VivSter 🙂 That kid would be one serious geek with these two as folks. Also, completely awesome.

Viv and Aster to the rescue!

Oh boy. Of all the lines to have to read. This can only end badly.

Hey! Those kind of suggestions are NOT helpful!

Jonathan you’re an idiot.

Aster! Oh man that isn’t helpful either. I feel a knot in my stomach.


OMG Vivian you didn’t just LEAN IN to the kiss?!?!?


Oh bugger. Someone’s about to get their ass kicked.

‘Nice.’ Aster said that word the exact same way in S1.8. It is never a good sign.
I feel sick too :(.

Vivian, again I love you – always. But you my dear, are a bloody idiot!!!

Not Arch and Elisabeth too. I can’t take much more!

Um why is she going after Aster? WTH are you Vivian?!?! That’s your girl – go get her!

Holy f*ck Aster! NOOOO!!! What the heck are you doing?!?! Car crash. Complete and utter wreck.

WTH? Can I hear belts being unbuckled? Damn girls you’re fast!

Oh. Sh*t.

For a moment I see remorse, and then there’s Aster’s damn stubbornness.

Yup, buttons being done up. These girls were going for it.

Vivian you’re breaking my heart. Don’t cry 😦

WTF?!?!? YOU CAN’T END IT THERE!!! DAMN YOU @susanmillernyc & @tcwnyc! DAMN YOU!!!

I think my heart’s broken 😦


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8 responses to “Breaking my heart in more ways than one…

    • Gem

      Lol I have EVERY faith in the both of you to bring our girls – and have no doubt I’m talking about Aster and Vivian when I say that, together. However, I also have every faith that you will drag our hearts through every possible twist and turn to get there!

  1. Now Gem, we didn’t say that Vivian was going to be happy the whole season. 😉 She had much more happy times this season than season 1. But, sadly none of us get to be happy all the time. And that holds true for the characters of ABM.

    • Gem

      Lol of course she was happier in S1, she couldn’t be much more unhappier. Actually forget that, because I bet in S3 she can be MUCH unhappier. You want to know why? Because you two are gonna put that girl through the emotional ringer!

      Perhaps none of us gets to be happy all the time, but that doesn’t mean everything always has to stay that way? Why can’t someone be happy all the time? Have you not done enough to her?!?!

      I know my please are falling on deaf ears. So you know what, do what you have to do. I’ll try not to cry 😦

  2. Oh, they’re LYING LIARS THAT LIE. But what can one expect from devils such as these?

    Other than a fantastic show, of course.

    Love your blog, Gem. You’re adorable … As adorable as Aster and Vivian.

    There’s really a team for Sophie and Vivian? Really? We can kick their asses in a fight, is all I am saying.


    • Gem

      It’s true, the only thing we can guarantee 110% is their brilliance. If only they weren’t such dastardly devils. Next pic you do you need to give them tails and perhaps a cape. That way people will be able to recognise them more easily lol.

      Thanks for checking out the blog and for helping me take on such formidable foes. The numbers for Team Sophie/Team Sophian are small but they could grow in number if unchecked. ABM’s intern is amongst their ranks, her trechery slays me almost as much as Tina and Susan’s. We could definitely kick their asses though!

  3. Well, this is probably not the place to be saying so, but I am definitely on team Soph/Viv. At least for the time being. Allegiances can shift, but I’d like to see what season 3 brings before jumping back to Vivster. Variety. Spice of life. All that sort of nonsense.

    This episode really highlighted why Viv and Aster should be apart for a while, perhaps to explore new relationships (AKA Soph/Viv!). They are very different people, and that’s a big gap to bridge when you’re 16. At least, that’s how I see it. Maybe they’re meant to be together forever and ever, but the past two seasons have shown to me that they need to figure out more of who they are and what they want on their own, or with different people, rather than just each other. Actually, a break between them might end up being better them trying to stay together at this point.

    But mostly, I’m keeping the faith. Come season 3, I’ll be on whatever team Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller want me to be on. They have the power.

    • Gem

      Lol all opinions are welcome, even if they’re wrong. Just playing. I know there are Sophie fans out there, they don’t often show their face when I’m around, but there are some no doubt. I realise that Vivian and Aster need to do some growing away from each other, the way it was done though just hurt a little bit more than I would’ve liked. All in the name of good drama I guess.

      As for which team to choose, hmm…Tina and Susan have a little too much power sometimes. I know they have a clear vision as to where they want these characters to go, but it doesn’t hurt to want to try and stir them in certain directions. You never know, one day it might work!

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