Big Emotions – BIG Love for ABM!

I’ve kinda had a soft spot for Liza Weil ever since she declared, ‘I want my ABM!‘ Seeing her this season as Aster’s therapist, Dr Glass, has only confirmed my belief that ‘Anyone But Me‘ has some serious talent involved in every part of it. I’ve never been a big believer in therapy, this coming from someone with a Psych degree, but Dr Glass is pretty damn cool in my books.

If the ABM love wasn’t enough she’s married to one of my current favourite TV doctors, Paul Adelstein – aka Coop in Private Practice, and he shares my addiction! I want my ABM all the time too. During the ABM hiatus I’m definitely going to have to search out what else Liza Weil’s been in. IMDB tells me her resume includes the ‘West Wing’ and, like ABM, I never need an excuse to watch that show.

I’m so glad she came back in the new ep and I’m really hoping she makes an appearance in S3. I’ve got a gut feeling that Aster’s going to need someone to talk her to her senses. As much as the season finale of S1 left me with the biggest grin I fear the writers won’t be so kind this time around. I would happily be wrong on this though if the ABM gods (Susan Miller/Tina Cesa Ward I’m talking to you) feel the same way.

Anyway, enough of me – have at it…Ep2. 9 – ‘Private Rooms and Public Spaces


“Some things never change.” Oh Gabe I hope that’s true of VivSter. Hear that writers! @tcwnyc @susanmillernyc I’m talking to you!

Uh oh. Auntie Jodie’s not so skilled in the passive aggressive thing. Viv’s dad’s in troubleeeee!

Duane Reade! So NY. Lol, did you know the first Duane Reade was located between Duane and Reade Streets. Fact.

Aww I really like Aunt Jodie. She’s always ready to stand in Viv’s corner.

You’ve got something to say, say it.” Oh Aster I love you but something makes me think you two need to consider your words.

Vivian. Sometimes news does have to be thrown at you. It’s the only way.

Ooooh good comeback Aster. Lol I love these two when they’re just being themselves together. So adorable.

Aww Viv looks so cute. You just wanna put her in your pocket!

“You just talk yourself into a trap until you have some kind of revelation?” Definitely one of my favourite lines of S2 🙂

Dr Glass is totally cool Aster. Absolutely loving Liza Weil.

OMG VivSter can you get any more cute?!?! Thank goodness we seem to have forgotten Vivian’s case of foot-in-mouth!

Oh I know that look. Someone’s about to pop!

Hmm…Honey? Could it be??? Oooh sneaky sneaky writers!

Big emotions are a sign of something big. Why am I suddenly frightened that Vivian or Aster’s BIG emotions are gonna cause BIG drama?!?!


I KNEW IT!!! Dr Glass is just too fricking awesome.

Oh man. Only one ep left 😦


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2 responses to “Big Emotions – BIG Love for ABM!

  1. I shared this with Liza. Hope you don’t mind. Her response was…”amazing!!!! so nice. Made my day.”

    • Gem

      I don’t mind one little bit, only I find myself blushing in my own dorkiness now lol. I’m glad she liked it, I have most definitely enjoyed her performance on ABM. That’s only natural of course, you ABMers don’t know how to be anything but brilliant 🙂

      I hope motherhood’s treating her well.

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