“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote” – George Jean Nathan

There are currently three results that I am eagerly awaiting the outcome on. In no particular order:

1. The Queens of the World Kit Colour Battle currently being waged across Facebook and Twitter

2. The Philippines Presidential Election

3. The UK General Election

Now I’m pretty certain that my campaigning on the first poll, and the fact that the writer/director blogged that they agree with me on the kit colour choice, means that I’m going to be happy with that result. I’m ignoring the fact that she actually puts giving me grief over the Kit Battle on her to do list. This poll closes on Friday but I’m already imagining how amazing the QotW ladies are going to look in their soccer uniforms. As soon as the shirts are ready you can bet I’ll be adding one to my collection.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Filipino presidential elections. Filipino politics is a joke. If the Americans thought they had it bad with ‘Dubya’ at least one of their leading candidates isn’t a former President who encited a revolution and was impeached, arrested, convicted, and placed under house arrest on corruption charges. I kid you not. This is the caliber of our politicians.

If I had a vote it would go to Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino. Unlike most Filipino political families his legacy is one of change and development rather than corruption and scandal. His parents are both Filipino heroes, rightfully so. His family were at the heart of the People Power Revolution and I firmly believe that he is the best thing that could happen to the country. His running mate, Mar Roxas, again from a political family with a legacy of helping the Filipino people. I can only hope come May 10th the people vote wisely.

Then we come to the UK General Election. The one poll that will have the greatest affect on my life and the one I am most unsure of, both in terms of the result and who I plan to vote for. 24hrs from now I will have cast my vote and the counting will have begun. By the morning we’re likely to know who’s in charge. Unlike US politics there is no stay of execution. Once the ballots have been counted the Prime Minister either gets to stay in his house or he’s got to move out. We don’t hang around.

I’m not politically apathetic. I strongly believe that everyone should vote, and that if you don’t you have no right to complain later on. Whilst I will have heated discussions with some of my friends regarding my opinion on topics that people consider political I tend not to get into political discussions. I will argue my side on an issue, but at the end of the day I think that people should make up their own mind. I can only hope that their decision is an informed one. That’s why when election time comes around, I am very remiss to make any kind of political statements.

The last time I voted in a General Election I wasn’t 100% sure of who it was I was going to vote for. That’s how I feel this time. It’s funny that things seem to come down to colours. The UK election is between the blue of the Conservatives, the yellow of the Liberal Democrats, and the red of Labour. In the QotW Kit Battle I am firmly fighting in the blue corner. In the Filipino elections then I’m wearing a yellow ribbon in support of Noynoy. So I guess that makes me red in this one right?

My Borough is going to remain blue. Even when the whole of London was covered in a sea of red, my borough stood alone – the last Tory stronghold. My vote won’t change that. However, my vote could affect who’s in charge of the country. This is where I find myself torn. I’m a Liberal Democrat. With and without the capital letters. Take those two words for what they are and that’s who I am.

I love the strong stance that they’ve taken on the environment. What they’re promising may seem extreme but I believe it’s what needs to be done, and the government needs to lead on it. I commend them on their pledge to cut classroom sizes and to scrap tuition fees. I never thought you should have to pay for your education, and even if I’m still paying for mine I’ll take that hit. I believe the National Health Service will be safe in their hands.

However, I am concerned about the Lib Dem’s policies on immigration and confining people to specific regions. As unpopular as this view may be and as much as I would like for 1/3 of my wage not to be deducted before it even gets to me I don’t know how making me pay less tax is going to help our economy. I’m weary at the lack of mention of turning civil partnerships into civil marriages despite their being the party in the last election strongly advocating partnerships.

Also, I’m not sure I believe Nick Clegg can lead this country. If I don’t have faith in the leader of my party then that doesn’t bode well. That’s not to say that I don’t believe he is a good leader. I think he’s the best Lib Dem leader there’s been in a long time. He did very well in the debates, and the fact that he said ‘squillion pounds’ was sort of endearing. I also rate him for the way he defended Gordon Brown in the whole ‘bigot’ fiasco by saying that if we all had microphones on us all the time we’d get caught saying a lot worse. However, I think he needs a few more years before he’s ready to stand on a global stage as the leader of this country.

I know that a lot of people are going to vote Lib Dem tomorrow because they’re tired of Labour and what they believe has been done to this country. I don’t think it will be enough to give them the majority vote however and therein lies the problem. By former Labour voters voting for the Lib Dems that means the Tories are more likely to gain a majority, and as much as Labour have f-ed up over the years the last thing this country needs is a Tory government. Especially this Tory government.

So what do I do? Stick with my party even though I don’t believe in everything in their manifesto – although, whoever agrees with everything? Or vote for the red team because I believe as bad as things are they should be given a chance to clean up the mess they’ve made and the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about?

Less than 24hrs to decide. I know I can’t be the only undecided voter in the country. Man, night’s like this make me wish President Bartlett was an option.

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