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Some time this morning, or was it still last night? These past few weeks between Streamy Awards and 2am podcasts I lose track. Anyway, at some point in the last 24hrs Anyone But Me came back into my life, not like it ever really left but it officially came back. The last run of eps before what I’m sure will be a shout-at-your-screen-wake-up-everyone-in-the-house type season finale. If you want the short version then the Twitter-tary is as always at the bottom of the post, otherwise keep reading…

First thing’s first. I have to say a BIG BIG congrats to Rachael Hip-Flores on her Streamy Award for Best Actress in a Drama. I have nothing but love for this girl, and I have written several times on how talented I believe she is so when they called her name I was not surprised at all. Over the moon, yes. Jumping around like an idiot at 3am, yes. Waking everyone I know up with the news, yes. But certainly not surprised. Heartfelt congratulations to her, and also to Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward on their nominations. You guys will get them next year!

ABM's ladies - Susan Miller, Nicole Pacent, Rachael Hip-Flores, & Tina Cesa Ward

Anyway, onto ep7 – ‘Date Night‘. I don’t know why but that title struck fear into me the moment I heard it, possibly because it has connotations of drama. As much as I have loved seeing Vivian and Aster happy this season I have seen too much television to know that when your characters are most happy this is when you have to be most afraid. As Nicole Pacent said in her recent podcast, ‘The sh*t is going to hit the fan.’ Damn it!

It’s nice to see the other characters getting more screen time, especially Archibald. I admit that after Vivian and Aster he’s definitely my favourite character. What can I say? He rescued Vivian her first day in school and he loves comics. He’s a good friend to have in your corner. That’s a point actually, I miss Breck. I know we haven’t really been in NYC this season but it’d be nice for him to go and visit Viv in Westchester too. Anyway, I like seeing Archibald so hopefully he’ll be around some more for the rest of the season as he and Elizabeth finally seem to be on some good ground.

Vivian seems to be getting some attention in school, not just from Sophie either. From what I’ve seen of Sterns, he doesn’t seem the greatest guy. He was a real twat to Archibald during the party in eps 7 and 8 of S1, although there was that kinda sweet exchange between him and Vivian in ep 2 of S2. I’m concerned that he’s going to be a real wanker when he finds out Vivian’s gay though. No one takes rejection well and his taunts that Archibald is a “homo” don’t bode well. Hmm…I’d actually like to see Aster knock him out, I’m not normally an advocate for violence but that girl’s got some pent-up feelings she needs to get out. It’s a thought.

Of course there’s still Sophie, who’s been hanging out with a girl Aster refered to as a ‘stud’ from the soccer team (or football to the rest of the world). I would like to think that two girls can just be friends, and I do, but I do think there is a certain part of Sophie that’s wanting to explore what it could be like to be with a girl. There have been too many too-long glances in Vivian’s direction for us to think she hasn’t considered it. Vivian may be blind to it but Aster certainly isn’t. Here is where the drama starts.

Even before most people had watching ep7 there were tweets about whose team people would be on should it come to that. Unfortunately it was a Team Vivian Vs Team Aster thing rather than a Team VivSter Vs Team SophIan or even Team AsPhie thing. Really, who started doing that mashup thing? With the whole Aniston/Jolie battle I was firmly Team Jolie – had the t-shirt and everything, and not for the obvious reasons. If we’re drawing Team Vivian and Team Aster lines this is going to be difficult.

Now, I love Vivian. She’s been my girl from the beginning, and it’s not just the Rachael thing either although that helps. For those of you who haven’t heard it you have to listen to her Mindschmootz podcast. Vivian is still trying her damnedest to be everything to everyone, and it’s been a relief to see her happy this season with Aster. However, after ‘Date Night’ I felt someone needed to put a gag on her because she just kept digging herself a deeper hole. She knows that Aster already thinks Sophie’s interested and then to act so weird when she saw her with a different girl and then to tell Aster that Sophie was basically her first crush?!?! Not a smart move Vivian. It’s a good thing Aster didn’t see the way Sophie longingly looked up at Vivian’s window in ep3. Well, Vivian has eps 8 and 9 to dig herself out so we can have a happy season finale! You can do it!

Aster has definitely grown on me this season, and it’s not just a Nicole thing either, although if you hear her Mindschmootz podcast (yes she has one too) you fall just that little bit more in love with her. In S1 it felt like she just needed to give Vivian a break and trust her to do what was right for her and that even though she couldn’t say it as loudly as she may have wanted her to, she always loved her. This season Aster seems to be more willing to allow Vivian to come out in her own time, although always gently nudging her in that direction. Also with the last few eps with Aster and her Shrink we’ve been able to gain a greater understanding of who she is. Honestly, Vivian should know her girl better. Aster’s making a real effort to be in Vivian’s life and to open up to her and comments about feelings coming back do not help.

It’s heartbreaking because Vivian and Aster are exactly what the other one needs, which is why I know something’s going to happen to drive them apart. That’s how it seems to work, unfortunately nothing that amazing ever seems to come easily. There are exceptions, but I don’t think VivSter is it. I shall continue to live in hope, however, that the lines won’t have to be drawn and so I remain firmly in the Team VivSter camp! Even if I am the only one who hasn’t given up this fight. We shall see.

I’m still seeing ‘It’s too short!’ comments on various message boards and comment threads. It’s always nice to see that people still want more. I think I’ve grown accustomed to the length, that’s not to say I’d object if they started getting longer, but I like the succinct way in which the story is told. Coming from someone who doesn’t know when to stop typing, it’s nice to know that something as wonderful as ABM can be delivered in such a short timeframe.

However, for those needing a little bit more of a certain ABMer then they should check out Queens of the World, Nicole Pacent’s new project. There’s a wealth of pre-game vids and interviews on their YouTube channel and there’ll be more to come. They’ve even managed to get Nicole tweeting and they have their own twitter and Facebook page too!

I am torn between wanting to see what else ABM has to offer (including the drama I am sure is to come) and remembering the painful wait to what will hopefully be the third season. It is a very long summer indeed when you don’t know when your next dose of ABM is coming. However, as the DVD of S1 has now become available – and of course ordered, I get to spend the summer watching that on the big screen and also enjoying the host of features available on it. To be fair, I’m never really far from ABM. What with ABM having their own YouTube channel too I can carry it around in my pocket :).

Three more episodes, including the finale. I find myself wishing my life away again as I impatiently wait for ABM Tuesdays. What has this show done to me? I sleep, dream, and breath ABM. Yes, for those who doubt it – I do actually sleep, sometimes. Except of course when there’s something ABM related I need to be awake for. Last night I even used the phrase, ‘I can’t be anyone but me.’ Of course the reaction I got wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I do know that this show has shown me, in more ways than one, that you really can’t be anyone but you and that the ones that will love you for that are the ones you need to keep in your life.

Anyway, my point – and I do normally have one is that even though I don’t know what this show is doing to me I do know that ABM is the one thing guaranteed to make me smile. I also still have incredible faith in Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward to do whatever it is they feel these characters need to do in order to give us the best show possible. Just please, try not to rip my heart out in the process!

Next episode will be posted May 11th – mark your diaries! Don’t forget to show your love for ABM’s girls in AfterEllen’s Hot 100. Last year I was most upset that they didn’t place anywhere, I hope I won’t have reason to be disappointed this year.

The Twitter-tary

Oh no, not this joker who was a wanker to Archibald.

Uh-oh teenage boys and rejection. Vivian you’re in danger of getting out-ed.

Oh Archie, very few people get the comic book thing. We are few, and we are awesome!

No Elizabeth, but you do walk the halls and bang quite severely into lockers.

Yay Archibald gets the girl!

I think Vivian and Aster could be talking about themselves…too beautiful for human eyes? Painful adorableness?

“Humans aren’t perfect.” Really who wants perfection anyway?

Why do people never say they’d bring a boat or a satellite phone? If you wanna get away that much people – book a vacation!

Aww they’re holding hands.

Soccer! Woo hoo @QueensoftheWrld!!!

Okay Vivian there was no need for you to lose it right there. You need to calm down.

You’re making it worse! “If Sophie were to…” What Vivian? She’d choose you. Do you not know your girl enough to NOT say those things?!?!

Yes Vivian, Aster probably did like a girl before you but you need to stop talking right now.

Now look what you’ve done. Now Aster has to know.

Uh oh first crushes come back to bite you in the ass. Vivian please choose your next words carefully!

Oh Vivian! Oh Aster! Oh boy!

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