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Something to talk about…

I’ve made a conscious effort not to count how long it’s been since the last episode of Anyone But Me. I also try not to count how long it is until the next episode, or how many more episodes we have until the end of the season. I try not to do any kind of counting at all to do with ABM because it just gets kind of painful. So if you ask me when the last ep aired, I’d have to look it up. I know that since then I did this though. Anyway, despite my policy of not counting, as I went to sleep last night I still managed to count that there were only 6hrs until I’d be able to watch ep4 of ABM.

Of course, it wasn’t 6hrs of uninterrupted sleep because at 3am I saw a tweet from Susan Miller and I was torn between getting out of bed or waiting at least a few hours for a more decent hour. The sleepier more responsible side decided I should stay in bed, and a good thing too because I’d celebrated a bit too early and the ep hadn’t actually gone live yet. See, some part of my brain is working to do the sensible thing. Eventually it was over-ridden and I simply couldn’t stay in bed anymore. So, with confirmation from all my twitter sources that the ep was indeed live, it was time to get out of bed (NB. Twitter-tary (i.e. the short version) – is at the end of the post).

I was more eager than usual to see the new ep of ABM – yes I can actually get more excited about ABM eps than I have previously, because of the guest star that was making her appearance, Liza Weil. I’m not familiar with her work, Gilmore Girls was never really a big thing over here and she’s been in stuff that I’ve seen before, and even own, like The West Wing, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI, but not in anything I would’ve immediately recognised her from. However, I have it on good authority from a trusted source – even though they have blatantly lied to me in the past, that she is an amazing actress. Plus, she’s married to Paul Adelstein and I love him on Peak Practice, so that’s enough to spark an interest.

In my quasi-Batman guise I’d guessed that the guest star would play Aster’s mum. I thought that would be an interesting relationship to explore, could you imagine it? I pictured lots of slammed doors and denial about how similar they really were. Having Aster’s shrink though opens up a whole world of possibilities, because let’s face it – how many people’s parents really have any clue who you are when you’re that age? How many people even know who they are at that age? Aster seems suspicious of her at the moment, but I think she’s that way with most adult figures until they prove they deserve to be thought of otherwise, but I think she wants to be able to talk to someone, and the Shrink seems pretty cool. I think this could be very good indeed. As the lady said herself, “I’m pretty awesome at being pregnant and doing things.”

Eventually Aster divulges why she’s in therapy, her parents are separating. Makes me wonder if that has anything to do with them keeping “human hours” lately. I don’t know, maybe it’s an American thing. As a Psych graduate I suppose I should be more of an advocate for this type of therapy, but I’m really not. I think we as a species managed just fine before psychoanalysis. Perhaps there were much more violent means of expression but then there was also art and music and writing, and I’ve always thought those were very therapeutic pursuits. I suppose I’m old school in that I believe if you need someone to talk to, that’s what your friends are for. That said, I’m very blessed in that department so I appreciate sometimes you need the impartiality of someone who is outside of the situation, although with money exchanging hands I don’t know how impartial they can be. But back to my point, and I do usually have one…

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“Your library is your portrait.” – Holbrook Jackson

Apart from a cinema, a library is my one pre-requisite for that house I’ve had an architect in the back of my mind designing for at least the last 20yrs. Floor to ceiling shelves across every wall, and a spiral staircases leading to the upper level. That, or one of those ladders on wheels that you can pull along the shelves. There’ll be a desk where words are written with actual pen and paper, and I’ll also do my colouring here. I think perhaps mahogany, deep rich wood. It’s going to be oustanding.

For someone who has a reading pattern that waxes as much as it wanes I do think a library is the most important building in a community. I think to put that much knowledge under one roof and give people access to it for free is the greatest idea humankind has ever had. Imagine. You want to know something, so you go to a library, look it up, find the book, you get to take it home, and you learn. It costs you nothing and all you need to access it is the desire to know more than you already do. Brilliant. This kind of innovative thinking is what will save humanity.

The architecture alone in some libraries around the world is amazing. I love the British Library, and the reading room at the British Museum…you just feel like you’re absorbing knowledge just standing there. The first time I was in New York and I’d managed to escape yet another shopping expedition I went straight to the NY Public Library and fell in love. Every time since I make sure I steal at the very least an hour to myself to sit on those steps between Patience and Fortitude and just watch the world. On my next visit I will have to visit the Brooklyn Public Library, which I’m told – albeit by a Brooklynite, is even better.

I re-joined my local library last year after a very long absence. There was some trepidation over a book I’d borrowed when I was a kid and lent to someone else who failed to return it. I was scared that after all this time my fine would be bigger than a mortgage. However, turns out they didn’t do a background check and they just let me join after producing my licence and I’ve been happily borrowing ever since. Woo hoo!

Now my library doesn’t have the greatest stock in books, particularly the kind of books I read; but then I’m a selective reader so most of the books I do read are ones I know I’ll fall in love with so owning them becomes necessary. I’ve been internet savvy for a long time and Google is my best friend so I know how to find things online with ease. However, there will always be a part of me that believes sitting at a desk with a pile of books in front of you as you take notes is the only real way to do research. I believe those late night sessions in the library as you try to finish your homework is a rite of passage that everyone should have. The resources may not be great but my library allows me to remember a time when people learnt things from books. Today I had cause to learn.

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“And the award goes to…”

I’m starting to get sensible. Heaven forbid. My newfound sensibility meant that I went to sleep at a decent hour last night rather than staying up to watch the 1st Annual Indie Soap Awards. So it’s not the Oscars, or even the MTV Awards, but I’m not invested in the nominees for those awards as much as I am in the Indie Soaps.

I’m not quite so sensible that I hadn’t asked a friend of mine who was in the right timezone to try wake me at 2am. Nor am I that sensible that I didn’t wake up around 2.20am and then again at around 5am with the obvious need to tweet my congratulations because yes…ANYONE BUT ME WON!!!

Of the ten that they were nominated for they walked away with four awards. I know that people who are nominated for awards are very much, ‘It’s an honour just to be nominated…’ and I know that the mere act of someone acknowledging your work is an amazing feeling, but thankfully I’m a fan so you know I can cheer as loudly and unapologetically as I like!

Firstly, hats off to Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward for winning Best Writing and Best Storyline. The screenplay awards are always the ones that I pay attention to during awards season. I know that film and tv are visual mediums but without the basis of a great story then all the visuals in the world aren’t going to do you any good. I love the writing on this show. That’s not a secret. That they can deliver a story that completely engulfs you in those moments that it’s on your screen is testament to how excellent the writing is. Truly thrilled that they won this over all the other ones they were nominated for.

Again, it’s no secret that I believe the ABM cast to be amongst the most ridiculously talented concentration of people in any one place. I’m not the only one because Jessy Hodges, Nicole Pacent, Josh Holland, and Rachael Hip-Flores were all nominated for awards, as well as a nomination for the entire cast. Now, unfortunately they missed out on the ensemble award and Jessy Hodges and Nicole Pacent also lost out in their categories, but then Laura Linney’s been nominated three times for an Oscar and still no gold statue on her mantlepiece so you know, sometimes it takes time. I am sure there are many awards in the future of this great group.

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