Crack Addict

I’ve been on the Crack for almost 2mths now. A reticent entrant into the Cult of Crackberry I am now a loyal and subservient follower. My life is controlled by that little red flashing light. I feel like those bugs in ‘A Bug’s Life’ that are drawn to the bug zapper, ‘I can’t help it. It’s just so beautiful…’ *BZZZZZT* Like a beacon on the darkest night it calls to me and wills me to check what urgent matter requires my attention now.

I fully knew what I was getting into. I’d witnessed each of my friends in turn become Crack Addicts. Their thumbs continually tapping away on the device that seldom left their hands and was always within reaching distance should the light beckon. Even those friends that weren’t particularly techy, and I have always been techy, were transformed by this world of *PING*s and apps. Those that haven’t been initiated into the Cult very much want to be.

Now I love my Sony X1. I have always loved Sony Ericsson phones and when I don’t get one in my upgrade I am always counting the days until I can. I will always advocate them over any other phone. Nokias are fine if you want a phone that’s easy to use, Motorolas are very pretty if you don’t mind going into menu upon menu to access the most basic of functions, Samsungs are fine – they’ve afforded my sister trips to South Africa and me a Wii in their promotions. I am brand loyal to Sony, however, I am now most definitely a Crack Addict.

I won’t say that it doesn’t have its advantages. It does. I wouldn’t have gotten it otherwise. There are some e-mails that I am glad I saw sooner rather than later. Yes, I did need to read that at 6am! I like to be available to my friends, particularly those few who know I am PINable. It will remain a select few; this phone makes you completely accessible at all times and there are only a handful of people that I am happy to contact me wherever, whenever, and whatever it is I’m doing. I have had conversations that I don’t think I would have had I not been on BBM. However, there are certain things I miss.

I’ve lost that ‘You’ve Got Mail’ moment. You know the one. “I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got mail.” Now I literally hear nothing; because if I haven’t read it already I’ve deleted it already. I’ve also lost texts. My best friend has recently regained his position at the top of my Text League because he’s only one of three people I text regularly that isn’t a Crack Addict. One other thing about being instantly contactable, it’s never a surprise when you are anymore. I used to like hearing my text alert go off because unless I was in mid-text conversation it was always a surprise. Now I pretty much always know who it is that’s BBM-ing me coz it is usually one of five people. Okay one of my favourite people, but still.

The best and worst thing I have to say about it though is that it completely ignores geographical boundaries. Friends that you may not have spoken to because it costs to text or because you’re not always logged on AIM or Yahoo or G-Chat or whatever it is people are using now, can talk to you anytime – for free! It’s nice to know that whatever random thought you’re having, or if you just need to ask a quick question, you can just BBM them straight away. That never stopped me before, but I always felt guilty at the escalating cost of people’s phone bills. I just have to convert one more person and I’m completely guilt free!

For someone like me, whose phone is for the most part never far away from them and – apart from when I’m on a plane, is always on, it also means I will be woken up at 4am by a BBM (I’ve somehow managed to disable sounds on all other notifications). This isn’t anything new, if someone texts me at 2am I will try to carry out a conversation with them for as long as I can stay awake. When that’s once every couple of weeks I’m okay, but this past week I was pretty much only semi-conscious for most of it because of late night conversations. I’ve always thought conversations with friends though was an excellent reason to not be fully awake.

I’m not sure I could ever not have a Blackberry now – this is how addictive it is. It is just too convenient for someone like me who has probably been constantly online since 2000. As much as I didn’t want to cross over to the Dark Side I have. Okay so they haven’t quite managed to get a touchscreen model that beats the others available, and it doesn’t have as cool an app as the lightsaber one for the I-phone, and there are some issues with streaming, but for the most part it does what I want it to do.

My thumbs are highly tuned tapping machines – well, more than they already were. I am a slave to the little red light, and my friends absolutely love it – and so do I, kinda. So for better or worse, I am a Crack Addict.


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3 responses to “Crack Addict

  1. Char

    I admit…im addicted to my blueberry…im whipped…*hugs* lol

  2. Lani

    I know nothing of this crackberry business 😛

    I think you need to send this to Rachael.

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