“Crisis”…I don’t know when the next ep is!

Anyone But Me is turning me into a quasi-insomniac. Oh I sleep. I sleep particularly when I know that the tomorrow on the other side of it brings a new episode of ABM. However, it is not at all restful. I’m not sure how many times I woke up in the early hours of Tuesday to check whether it was morning yet. Well, not so much to see if it was morning. I reached out to the Crackberry and focussed enough to see whether the, ‘New episode of @AnyoneButMe up now!!!’ tweet had been posted. At 4.45am it hadn’t. I was beginning to worry.

By about 6.30am – significantly earlier than my usual wakeup call, I had woken myself up for perhaps the 8th time. This is not a restful night’s sleep by anyone’s definition. Still no tweet. So I thought let’s check the website. One thing I will say about the Crack, it’s proper speedy with the surfing of the internets. Somehow navigating to the S2 link I count, one episode, two episodes, three episodes…THREE episodes! That’s my cue to go bang into my door again. However, I’m getting better and I managed to avoid the door. I didn’t quite manage to avoid the rather large box that’s in my hallway though. D’oh.

I saw a tweet the other day from @RevRunWisdom, ‘You are who you are when nobody’s watching.’ That’s currently resonating with me a little too much for a multitude of reasons, but as I write this I’m thinking that in terms of ABM, when no one’s watching – I probably look like a maniac. If it wasn’t for the fact that I watch ABM at 7am I’m sure some of my friends would be quite amused by the sight.

I am by no means a morning person, the synapses in my brain must have to gear themselves up in the space between eps to prepare. A dozen thoughts are normally going through my head when I’m watching, especially on first viewing. Not least of all is my internal whatever telling me to keep the volume down so I don’t wake everyone up.

I text. I tweet. I post on Facebook. I now also BBM thanks to the Crack to let people know a new ep has been posted just so I have someone else to talk to about it. As much as I want to tweet through the episode as I watch it – normally on the second viewing, I am very aware of spoiler issues. I recently had the ending to a mini-series called ‘The Mist‘ spoiled by reading a ‘Best of’ list. I was not amused. So I avoid tweeting. However, if you want my twitter-tary then scroll to the bottom. If you want the long version…

I don’t think we’ve seen Vivian’s dad – Gabe (Dan Via), or Aunt Jodie (Barbara Pitts) since ep7 if I’m correct, I could check but I’m pretty certain that’s the last time we saw them. Gabe’s story has always been one of the one’s I’ve been more interested in. So much of who we are is defined, whether we like it or not, by the job that we do.  Perhaps less in some occupations I know, but Gabe was a firefighter. This man went into flaming buildings to save lives. He was there at 9/11 – it’s the very reason they had to move to Westchester.

Everyday heroes like Gabe are a different breed, mostly because they carry themselves with a humility that shames so many “heroes”. Being that person defines you. As much as we are preoccupied with how Vivian is trying to define herself in this new town, I think Gabe is having just as much trouble trying to figure out who he is now. That’s not something I’ve seen often on screen, and I think it’s a story that would be told very well and I would like to see more of Gabe. Also, I  think that in terms of the back story with Vivian’s mum as well as the fact that Aunt Jodie had a crush on him (and possibly still does) when she was younger, there is a lot that could be done.

I like the dynamic between the two adults in Vivian’s life, with each other and with Vivian. I really enjoyed the scene between Gabe and Aunt Jodie. Finding a job is difficult at any age, and the way Aunt Jodie encourages him because this is what he needs to do is so supportive and you see why he’s chosen this person to be an influence on Vivian’s life. May I also say that I think sliding down a fire pole is an excellent way to decide whether or not to hire someone. I remember once we were deciding on two applicants who had near identical resumes – down to the fact that they had the same name. They were also both dancers so of course the only fair way to decide who got the job was to have a dance off. Unfortunately one of them couldn’t make the interview so the other one kind of got it by default. Fire pole though, that’s gonna separate the wheat from the chaff.

I think it’s sweet how Aunt Jodie tried to get to know Vivian throughout S1 and I think the two of them have had to do a lot of adjusting. I’m guessing awkwardness is a family trait. We still have the whole issue of Vivian coming out to her aunt  to see as well so that’ll certainly be interesting. I love that Gabe trusts Vivian, I think that it allows her a certain freedom but she’s not reckless with it because she wouldn’t want to disappoint him. I think who she is has a lot to do with the person he has raised her to be. So yeah, I’d like to see more of them.

Gabe & Aunt Jodie

I am aware that I am asking a lot from a show that kills most of its viewers with the length of the eps, but I touched on that last time so people know what they have to do. I have faith that this show is going to be around for a while. The talent pool is ridiculous, the stories are relevant, and quite simply, it’s too important not to be. So we have time.

I am still very intrigued with what’s happening with Sophie. It looks as though she’s pretty much over Jonathan now and I’m glad that she’s okay with Vivian being gay, even if she did have to do the whole, ‘How do you know you’re gay if you’ve never been with a guy?’ Of course countered by the perfect question. Sometimes you need the obvious pointed out to you.

Despite myself, I’m also starting to like Sophie. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the only “thing” about why she’s been so strange with Vivian was to do with the fact that she’d confided in her and Vivian didn’t do so in return so I’m still very suspicious of that, but the more I see of Sophie the more I want to know about her. I completely understand how Vivian’s omission would upset her, you trust someone enough to tell them the most intimate part of your life and there’s this big part of them that they’re hiding. Not just that, you can’t help but think that they’ve hidden this part of them because of how they think you’ll react. To have someone you trust not think highly of you or that they can trust you, believe me that hurts.

As much as Vivian defined herself through her relationship with Aster, I think Sophie did the exact same thing with Jonathan. She gets her childhood friend back and opens up to her only to realise that she may not really know her at all. Also, that scene at the end when she looked a bit too longingly at Vivian’s window, there’s definitely more to why she left Aster and Vivian alone than her wanting to give them privacy and having an assignment to do.

Sophie (Jessy Hodges) & Vivian (Rachael Hip-Flores)

I must say that I am very happy that Vivian and Aster have realised that a 30min train ride is not a great distance to travel. I will happily get on a plane to share a meal, and I realise they’re still in high school, but I’ve been stuck in New York traffic and 30mins travel does not equate to an insurmountable distance. You can just see the difference in Vivian and Aster this season – they’re happy! I think that now Aster knows she still has a place in Vivian’s life and they’re both making an effort to spend time with each other things are easier for them. Please please please stay that way!!!

Now I don’t know if when they gave this episode its title Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward realised that it was also the name of one of the biggest events in the DC Universe. I mean I know they’re all kinds of cool, I just don’t know if they’re that kinda cool. However, comics are my particular brand of geek-chic – as they are Archibald’s. If I remember, even Aster’s comic savvy. However, we got to see Aster in this ep and as much as I love to see Aster, I’m still missing Archibald. Hopefully not for too much longer…

I fear we come to the painful part of ABM: the wait for the next episode. I know they’ve filmed it, or at least part of it. I know there’s a guest star that they are all being very tight-lipped about. I have no idea who it is but my guess is that the person will play one of Aster’s absentee parents – I’m going with the mother. We shall see. I don’t know when we shall see though. They have to do the whole editing thing I know, and well there were 40 days between the first day of shooting on S2 and the airing of ep1. The gaps between episodes have been a lot better so far this season so if I have to wait a while and get a couple of eps in one go then okay – like I was going anywhere?

For now I guess I’ll just keep on being thankful for this wonderful show and demonstrate my thanks by voting here, here, and especially here!

Here’s the twitter-tary:

Oooh, Sophie’s knocking on the door and she’s smiling. Guess that means they’re still friends.

I’d work at IHOP lol!

WTH’s a wet cappuccino?

‘I don’t know who I am like this.’ This is what I love about this show, it’s not just about the kids. Aww, Aunt Jodie.

LMAO – Twilight. Team Jacob’s the one!!!! Lol, actually I am more Team Edward.

Oh there’s a thing Sophie.

Aww Archibald, ‘He just kinda guessed.’ I miss Archibald.

Yay Aster’s here!

Oh yeah, she remembers you from the whole, ‘There are some things I don’t like to share either’ imaginings.

And we all love @Pink!

Hmm…that gaze is a bit, ‘Wherefore art thou…’


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10 responses to ““Crisis”…I don’t know when the next ep is!

  1. Kat

    Great recap; I find it amusing that this probably took more time for me to read than for me to watch the episode. But thus the constraints of the medium.

    I also liked seeing more of Vivian’s father. He’s a great chracter that is finally get some more story for himself. I’m still not sure how I feel about the aunt though, perhaps it is the awkwardness being a family trait thing.

    But again, great recap, it’s awesome to see such support for this relatively little show. Also, it makes me feel better about being so obsessed myself.

    • Gem

      Lol, I think that it took you more time to read this than get through an episodes says more about my ability to ramble than anything else. You’re right though, the medium and the budget does restrict the length of the eps.

      Glad you enjoyed the recap and keep supporting the show. The addiction probably isn’t healthy but then so few are, at least you’re not alone. ABM’s fault for producing such an amazing show!

  2. Thamt

    Yes… I do blame all of them!
    Great text! Congrats!

  3. Kat

    Oh, forgot to mention this before, I loved you got a DC reference from the title. I hope too that it is in regards to that big event, because, yeah, it might make me love this show a little bit more, if that were possible.

    I’m not much of a DC fan myself, but any comic book geekery is always more than welcome with my gay TV.

    • Gem

      I pretty much read comics into almost anything, mostly people are just like, ‘You what now?’ Glad someone knew what I was going on about.

      Now that you’ve said the magic word, I’m not sure what kind of comics you read but may I say that ‘Y The Last Man’ is quite possibly one of the best titles I’ve ever read. However, it’s 10 graphic novels so it’s a long run. If you were looking for reading then you could do much much worse.

      • Kat

        Y The Last Man has been on my “must read” list for a while now, I just either have not had the money, or known people who have it so I can borrow it. Someday though…hopefully before the movie comes out, if that’s still in production. I hope not.

        Have you read Runaways? It’s a Marvel title about these kids who are the offspring of supervillains. It’s amazing, but unfortunately sells awfully, so there has been three volumes of it in the past six years, the last one just ended recently, again due to poor sales. But fingers crossed they bring it back again, it’s too good for them not too. And, there’s a gay character, which is always a plus, especially when there’s so few as main characters of a title.

      • Gem

        As soon as you get the chance then definitely read Y. I’m kinda scared about the movie, some things they should just leave the heck alone.

        I am a Runaways reader. I have the latest digest one, although story of my life – I haven’t had the chance to read it yet. Pretty much any Brian K. Vaughan puts his name on I’ve got it. You should actually read The Escapists. It’s a single volume so it’s not going to break the bank. That said, try get the hardbacks of Y. They’ve only released two so far, and I got the second one for £10 – not sure where you are but converted to pretty much any currency that’s a bargain.

        If you’re looking for a gay comic book character then of course Rene Montoya and the big obvious one – Batwoman. Her current run in Detective Comics is really good and I tweeted a while back about her getting her own title.

        Okay, my geek is showing lol.

      • Kat

        Awesome, I will definitely try to check it out, even as a poor American college student, damn weak dollar. Hardcover volumes are a wonderful invention.

        You know, I haven’t really been able to get into the new Batwoman, some of my friends really dig it, but, perhaps it is my diehard Marvel fanboy-ness, it just doesn’t do it for me. Although, it is incredibly awesome that her character has been well received and she’s getting her own title.

      • Gem

        Ahh see, I’m DC. I’ve never been a Marvel girl. Pretty much every comic I red is DC apart from Buffy.

        I can’t believe I forgot but if you really want a strong gay character that’s not a superhero story then Strangers in Paradise is a must. There’s 19 trades though but the story is absolutely worth it.

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