“Quickly, to the Exits”…Not THAT Quickly!!!

It’s becoming my Tuesday morning ritual to reach out and grab the Crackberry and through blurry eyes search through my twitter feed for that one tweet I’ve been waiting for: “AnyoneButMe Episode 2! Watch it now! http://tiny.cc/2m3nG“. Up I get. Seriously, I’m not even like this on Christmas morning, any morning for that matter. Given that I’d just had four days away from the job and the sun hadn’t even thought it was a decent enough hour to rise my getting out of bed without hitting the ‘snooze’ button five times is a feat nothing else could manage. Thankfully this morning I managed to do it without banging into the door. I’m improving.

Okay, so when last we left our favourite couple our heroine Vivian was hanging perilously from the edge of a cliff as Aster raced through the forest to try and rescue her. Her trusted sidekick Archibald enchanted by a magic spell cast by the lovely Elisabeth. Oops sorry, completely wrong story. Too much ‘Enchanted’ for me this Christmas. Writers of ABM – completely disregard the Vivian in peril remark. That is NOT a good idea!

So really, when last we left my favourite couple they were in a very good place. Thankfully (I do beg the powers-that-be to keep it this way), this is how we find them at the beginning of ep2. Of course, in the last episode written and directed solely by Tina Cesa Ward (S1 ep4 – Vivian and Aster) we also found them very happy, unfortunately that’s not how they ended the episode. However, this time they stay happy. With Vivian making weekday trips up to the city to visit Aster it looks like things are really going well with them. I tremble as I write that because if years of watching dramas has taught me anything it’s that when your favourite people are the most happy – this is when writer’s like to rip your heart out! For now though I’ll just exist in this happy place. I like the happy place writers!

I’m curious to see what part Aster’s parents are going to play this season. As in Tina Cesa Ward’s previous episode, Aster’s parents are mentioned although we never get to see them. Now that they’re coming home at “human hours” we might actually meet them. From what I recall in the Writers on the Lam bit, we could be in store for some recognisable faces. Heck, they got Sylar to say he’s addicted to it I’m sure there’s a bunch of people wanting to be a part of this show.

There are definitely some parental issues there and as much as I love seeing Nicole Pacent and Rachael Hip-Flores on screen together, it’d be nice to see Aster have some proper screen time away from Vivian just so we can get to understand her more. I imagine they could be some pretty heartbreaking scenes because the writing is first class and Nicole Pacent is generally amazing. Plus, if Aster’s upset then you know she just might have to go spend some time with Vivian in Westchester. Again, happy place!

What's in store for Sophie (Jessy Hodges)?

So we leave Vivian and Aster happy to um…catch the train, back in Westchester – enter Sophie. I’m very interested to see what’s going to happen with Vivian and Sophie. For a while now Sophie’s been trying to get Vivian to talk to her about her life, and I know I was certainly scared at the end of ep8 when they were in the coffee shop together. However, their friendship seemed to be coming along nicely and then all of a sudden Vivian goes and kisses her girlfriend. What happens now? I don’t think Sophie is homophobic, I do think she’s freaking out over the fact that she might be jealous of…if not Aster, certainly of what she and Vivian have together, or at least have (for) now.

There’s a conversation waiting to be had between Vivian and Sophie, and hopefully we’ll get to see it soon. I know that Rachael Hip-Flores can bring the drama, ep10 still kills me for the emotionality of the scenes in Book Culture. From what we’ve seen of Sophie so far, I have a feeling Jessy Hodges has a lot more to offer. Just remembering how these two actors were in the Writers on the Lam bit I’d like to see more of the two of them together. I doubt (speaking as a die-hard VivSter fan), however, I will ever be able to accept them as a couple. It’s just wrong to me. Not a happy place!

Elisabeth asks an important question, ‘Have you heard from Archibald?’ Where’s Archibald?!?! Okay, technically I know where Archibald was so I know why he wasn’t in the episode but when the wanker that tried to come onto Aster and then Vivian two seconds later in S1 gets more screen time? Really? Hopefully there’ll be more of the lovely Josh Holland in the upcoming episodes. I think he and Vivian need to have a few talks, and now Aster’s around a bit more she can give him more advice too. That scene in ep8 on the steps between them is one of my favourites.

Also, I just have to say that I love the fact that Vivian says, ‘Crappers.’ It’s a British thing I’m sure, kinda like ‘oopsie daisy.’ There’s an innocence to it that Brits just warm to. I think it so completely fits Vivian, who I also think is increasingly becoming more like Rachael Hip-Flores every day. The whole issue of having to try to find her home room reminds me of her tweets. Not that I am in any way insinuating Rachael Hip-Flores has trouble with day to day living like remembering where she left her keys or where she’s supposed to be…just saying.

Now, if anyone loves ABM you know I do. I have so much love for this show I think I have convinced people to block me and remove me from their whatever lists simply because I keep uttering the letters A-B-M. I don’t care. Love me – love ABM. That’s simply how it is. What does my head in though is how short the episodes are. After watching today’s episode one friend said to me, “I feel cheated.” Another called it, “…a big bloody tease.” Honestly, this is not a slur on ABM. My friends know better than that. What it is, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for everyone else who’s made the same observation, is simply people’s way of saying they want more.

I know that there are budget constraints and time limits because of the web series format. I know that the actors and crew have other projects they’re involved in, as well as the very real issue of making rent and buying food. I understand all of that – but it doesn’t stop me wanting more. I suppose that’s why I’m so ardent in my support for ABM. I want to see more ABM. In order to make that happen the word needs to get out there a lot more than it already has.

Ep1 received over 81,000 views during their first week on Blip.tv alone. As of two seconds ago the same ep had 76,256 views in one week on YouTube. It needs to be more. I have ABM-ed my friends to death. I carry flipping flyers for the show in my notebook. I FB about it. I tweet about it. If there is something happening to do with ABM you’d better believe my friends know about it. If people want more ABM the answer’s simple, get them the recognition they deserve and I am sure they will be more than happy to give you more.

Show Nicole Pacent how awesome you think she is by voting for her as SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year. Get them their Clicker award for Best Web Original Drama. Nominate them for every Streamy Award going. More importantly than all of those – TELL PEOPLE about the show. The more people who watch it, the more people will come to love it, the more support and momentum it’ll gather. Then maybe, just maybe we’ll get more than 10mins at a time of this show that I am running out of superlatives to describe!

If I’m right, the next episode will air January 12th. That’s a good two weeks to drum up some more interest in ABM. You know what you have to do people.


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3 responses to ““Quickly, to the Exits”…Not THAT Quickly!!!

  1. Hmmm, those are some interesting observations and comments on what you’d like to see in future episodes… 🙂

    And yes I thought everyone would be a little up in arms about the length of our latest episode. But Gem, you’re right on the money (no pun intended) with the reason why they are so short.

    Plus, we try really hard to give everyone quality every time out. We hope all the fans will take that over quantity.

    • Gem

      If you remember nothing else of what I say please remember – Vivian and Aster are HAPPY together!!!

      I won’t even try to make guesses at what’s going to happen in the future, I have my theories. However, there’s no point voicing them because you guys just lie lol. We shall see if what I think will happen pans out…

      I saw a lot of people’s comments were pretty much, ‘I love it, but WTH was it so short?’ That’s what happens I guess when you make something this good – people want more. But you know, as much as the short length and wait between each episodes (which I fear is coming after the next one) kills me, I’m addicted – what can I do? I’ll take any bit of ABM I can get.

      As always you guys are all doing a truly superb job. I’m gonna go vote now!

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