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Vote Anyone But Me!

So if you’re reading this it means you’re online, and it’s not a big leap to think that you may have some time on your hands. In which case, let me take advantage of circumstance. If you’ve stumbled across this post you are most likely an Anyone But Me fan, or if you’re not – even better, because hopefully you will be once you’ve taken a look at the show. So go see, then come back.

Okay, so ABM. You love it. You want to know what you can do to support it. The answer is simple – vote. If ABM is to continue being the wonderful show that it is then the momentum around the show is going to need to increase. Okay so Eric Stoltz loves it, Zachary Quinto is addicted to it, and Liza Weil simply, ‘Wants her ABM!’ but a little award recognition doesn’t do any harm to get the message out.

Currently there are three things that you need to vote in:

1. SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year

ABM’s very own Nicole Pacent has been nominated for SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year. Of course she has. I mean not only is she amazing on ABM (reason enough to vote) but she’s just pretty much wonderful all around. Not least because earlier this year she organised and performed at the ‘Relief Through Rock: Chicks for a Cure‘ event to benefit the American Association for Cancer Research.

At the time of writing she was in second place after taking an earlier lead, I know she’d probably be all humble and say, ‘It’s an honour to be nominated’ and it is. However, I don’t need to be humble. It’d be badass if she won. So, get out there and VOTE NICOLE!

Unfortunately you can only vote once per IP address. Not that I’m encouraging you to tip the votes in any way but if you open up the page in different web browsers you seem to be able to cast two separate votes. Also, a lot of people work in places that have several computers, therefore several IP addresses. Just sayin’…

2. Clicker – Best Web Original Drama

“How do you fit as much drama as possible into episodes that are sometimes as short as 3 minutes without falling flat? We’ve got a list of web original dramas that have managed to do just that. These series pack some serious punch into their short form productions. So check them out, get your daily dose of drama before your co-workers can catch you, and vote for your favorite!”

It seems if you keep clicking on this then it refreshes the page and you can cast another vote. Again, just sayin’…

3. Streamy Awards – last but by no means least!

Stay in and vote!

“As the first and most prestigious awards devoted to honoring excellence in web television, the Streamy Awards identify and celebrate the pioneers laying the groundwork for a new and dynamic entertainment medium. The Streamy Awards ceremony brings together the top talent, decision-makers and influencers shaping online entertainment, and awards are presented for the past years’ best achievements in 35 categories spanning multiple disciplines.”

Now this is the most important of the three awards that ABM’s currently up for. With past winners like Joss Whedon (the genius behind a little show you may have heard of called ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’) and Neil Patrick Harris you know this award has some weight behind it.

There are several categories that ABM could be nominated for. Mostly I’ve been going with Best Drama, Best New Web Series, and Best Ensemble Cast. In terms of individual awards you can submit nominations for those too. It’s a no-brainer for me to nominate Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward for best writing, and Tina Cesa Ward individually for Best Director.

What’s a little more harder is choosing who I want for Best Actress in a Drama Series. Heaven knows I love Rachael Hip-Flores, but what would Vivian be without Nicole Pacent as her Aster? However, if Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth both managed to be up for a Tony at the same time then I think these two will manage being nominated for the same category at the same time. So get nominating!

I think a Streamy for any category (although all of them would be nice) would make an excellent addition to Susan Miller’s mantelpiece. So keep clicking to submit your nominations!

Now I’m clicking on all of these things on a daily basis. I’m doing what I can and you only need to ask any one of my friends who I am constantly bombarding with pleas to vote to know that on fear of yet another e-mail, FB post, or tweet from me they’re submitting votes too. All I can say is that I’m lucky they love me otherwise they would’ve blocked me from every known social networking site possible by now. So now you need to do what you can do and not only do your bit but threaten, bribe, and emotionally blackmail your friends into doing it too. Or you know, simply link to this post and let my words do it for you. Whatever works. If they need a reason then I got that covered for you too!

Okay so that’s it. The cast and crew of ABM have given you a wonderful web series to brighten your day so show some love back. To paraphrase the words of one American, ‘Ask not what your web series can do for you, but what you can do for your web series!’ The answer is simply this: VOTE!!!


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4 responses to “Yes We Can!

  1. I’m making a new category for the Streamys —

  2. karmalaluna

    There are so many things that ABM can be nominated for! My fingers are tired! Yay

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