“You know I want it!”

Forty days ago shooting started on the second season of Anyone But Me and this morning just before 7am I scrambled to my PC (banging into my door on the way) to watch where my favourite show was gonna take me. My love for ABM is no secret. I’ve written about it. I’ve Facebooked about it. I’ve ABM-ed my friends to death about it. And Lord knows I’ve tweeted about it. Ever since I knew the date for S2 a little subconscious clock in the back of my head has been ever so painfully counting down to the moment. This morning it finally came. Short version: I haven’t stopped smiling since. If you want the long version, keep reading.

Episode one. Where do I start? Like a lot of ABM fans out there, in fact fans in general, I did the whole rewatching of the previous season marathon. Logistically a lot easier than for most shows – this is possibly the only time I am thankful each ABM episode is so short, although should the creators (you know who you are) wish to make them longer I’m sure I would cope. However that didn’t seem to matter because as the recap was happening I was getting increasingly excited even though I’d just seen it the night before! This is what this show does to me. In fact, another thing this show does to me is make me not eat. I had my breakfast right there with me and I just couldn’t eat because I was so full of excitement! Then it came, Rachael Hip-Flores‘ voice, ‘And now, season two of Anyone But Me…’

First off, I have missed seeing Rachael Hip-Flores on my screen. Okay I know I can watch the ABM eps anytime I want to, and trust me I’ve seen them a lot, but seeing her in something new – let alone the role I absolutely adore her in, makes me a different kind of happy. That’s one of the first things I noticed about this episode – Vivian’s happy! I hope and pray, actually more like beg and plead, she stays that way. Even though she spends most of the episode worried that people know she’s gay I feel that she and Aster are in a much better place than they were for most of S1.

Seeing Vivian and Aster together again? “You know I want it!” Seriously this is what every ABM fan has wanted since S1 ended back in June. The Cheshire Cat had nothing on me this morning when I saw the two of them together, even if it was just in the characters’ heads. I’ve read all the interviews that have come out since S1 ended and it just made me believe more how much of a team Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent are. Those two belong on the screen together. They’re perfect.

I think the biggest danger to VivSter’s happiness this season is Sophie (Jessy Hodges). For most of S1 her problems stemmed from her relationship with Jonathan (Mitchell S. Adams), but now that she knows Vivivan’s gay? Oooh we could be in for something really good here.


It would be nice though to see more of Jessy Hodges on screen this season. Sophie isn’t my favourite character, but that’s just because my loyalties lie with VivSter so anyone posing any threat to that is gonna be in my bad books, but I like Jessy Hodges. She has the hard job of coming in between the central couple and trying to make people like her. If I wasn’t so damn stubborn, I would.

I think there’s a real story to be told with Sophie, and I like the way she and Vivan are together (as friends only – okay writers!). You began to see more of that in ep10 of the last season and I think as Vivian looks to find someone other than Archibald she can confide in, and as Sophie is trying to figure out how she’s feeling, that friendship is going to develop. Be careful though Sophie, like Aster said, ‘There are some things I don’t want to share either.’ Heed her warning otherwise we’re gonna have to print ‘Team VivSter’ t-shirts!

Of course VivSter is not the only couple in ABM. We were also left wondering what was going to happen with everyone’s favourite guy, Archibald (Joshua Holland), and the lovely Elisabeth (Alexis Slade). After ep1 I’m still not sure, but I have high hopes for these two – and those hopes include not having my emotions dragged over hot coals the way it was (and though I hate to think it, probably will be again) over VivSter. I mean come on Elisabeth, how could you not love Archibald? Perhaps it’s just me. The boy draws comics. Me and comics – it’s just a thing.

I will do whatever I can to get people to watch this show. Before S2 aired this involved trying to get #anyonebutme to be a trending topic on twitter. As I sat there at my keyboard furiously typing away and trying to tag everything with #anyonebutme it suddenly felt like work. Not the kind of work that you hate waking up for, it was in no way a chore, it felt like I had to do this. I suppose you could say it felt like my mission, although I don’t think my mission is to bring ABM to the masses – they have PR people for that, it felt that it was important for me to do whatever it is I could to let people know about this show. If that meant exposing the quite ridiculous amounts of ABM knowledge I have in my head then so be it. Like I said, I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone how much I love this show. My love for ABM is not the only reason though, this show is important.

Now, I couldn’t write about ep1 without mentioning the wedding scene. I have my own issues with the wedding scene – but I’m taking that up with the writer, but for the first time I felt like ABM wasn’t hiding the point it was making. To be honest I don’t think they needed to. Marriage equality is an issue that should be beaten about the heads of the politicians until they see sense.

I understand that people have their own ideas about marriage, and they may be that it should be between a man and a woman – that’s certainly how I was raised even if it’s not what I have ever believed, but I don’t get it. After watching the wedding scene I really don’t get it. Okay, Aster and Vivian shouldn’t be getting married at so young an age, I’m not saying anyone should, but if they continued to love each other as much as they do then how can anyone honestly look at the two of them and say that they can’t legally declare their love for each other? How?

As always, ABM is asking the important questions without preaching and as always they leave us begging for more. The talent of the people involved – from the writers, to the cast, to the hair and makeup people, abounds. I don’t simply hope for great things for the rest of the season I can pretty much guarantee it. I don’t think this ensemble knows how to do anything but be brilliant. So now ep1 has aired the only question left to ask is…WHEN’S EP2 GONNA BE POSTED?!?!?!

Oh…and creators of ABM, remember what you said in the Writers on the Lam bit – Vivian gets to be happy this season!


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2 responses to ““You know I want it!”

  1. Sarah ann james

    Cracking read love this n I agree when is the second 1 going to be aired 🙂

  2. December 29, 2009. Episode 2.

    What a fan we have in you. 🙂

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