I have no words of my own for them, so on this day when I celebrate everything that is them because they won’t, I shall borrow theirs and hope they don’t mind too much.

I see them in everything they write, but in this I see how they see the world and I am reminded of how wondrous a place it can be if you choose to look. They capture the moments that we lose in the cracks. I am glad someone does, and I am glad that they are in my life.

Happy Birthday.


Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 11:49 pm

they looked at each other for just a moment. but sure enough to any that witnessed this moment…it lasted a lifetime. in that look they had their first kiss, their first awkward exploration, their first fight and make up. in a single moment gained from a serendipitous decision to occupy a similar space at a similar time they forged entire universes with their smiles.

then the train came.

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