These streets already familiar. In the shadows cast by its 1,453 ft frame you realise your memories were formed. Real ones attached to real times and real moments and real people. No longer premonitions of a life that could have been, that you now realise was never meant to have been. And there it is.

You remember that this corner is where you noticed your phone was ringing. Outside that bookstore is where you first started that smile that still lingers to this day. That bench is where they looked upon your gift and you knew you had chosen correctly. Not just the gift, but them. Your choice of them over the other, the single smartest thing you had ever done.

Moments shared as you walk along these streets. Their journey, how each day they look up to see. Still there. Unspoken reassurance that they too will always be there.You no longer feel unwelcomed. There is a reason you know this place so well and why you return to it. It is them, and it is you.

Not Your City no longer. Given the opportunity for that possibility once again. A place returned.

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